Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coding Isis Review on Joanne Ganley’s Blog

Hi all. It’s been less than a month since Coding Isis went on sale and it seems to be gaining some attention. I’ve had 66 sales on, 11 on, and even 2 on, but best of all it’s been getting some great reviews.

Check out this review on Joanne Ganley’s blog. Thanks Joanne.

There have also been 9 reviews posted on at the time of writing. Here are some extracts:

[…] what really anchors the story is the well-drawn characters. The poignant relationship between Chris and Michelle is a real standout, as well as the intuitive sleuthing by Ben. Solid writing all around, and the moral conflict is as engaging and powerful as anything I've read this year. John Ling

This is an incredibly well written and tightly written novel. It was fast paced, and had an interesting premise which was seen out to the end. The characters are well written, well rounded and very believable. S. McEwen

Great read, technology aspect is believable given Google’s recently launched Goggles technology. Good twists and very hard to put down, I'd recommend to anyone who likes a good thriller. Kiwilamb

A very good first novel from an author that has taken some lessons from the modern masters of this genre. Helen Thomson

Would definitely recommend this to any reader not just those that read thrillers. S Goeldner

It grabs you in the opening scene and keeps up the pace nicely throughout. Very well written […]
Bring on #2... can't wait to see what else is in store for these characters! lostkiwi

Thanks to all of you.

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